Maboneng Township Arts Experience

The Maboneng Township Arts Experience is a social entrepreneurship, tourism organisation that trains and works together with families and artists to convert their homes into art galleries. The funds raised from tickets to visit our Gallery Homes, as well as product sales, go directly to support our training programmes and home gallery infrastructure. To date, Maboneng Township Arts Experience has helped create 50 jobs, start 20 new businesses and add 15 new Gallery Homes per year.


Coffee Beans

Cape Town is an incredibly musical city. This is the city where music is at its most creative in South Africa, something which is due partly to the natural environment we have, which encourages creativity, but mainly it is because of the history of the city and the diversity of people and cultures and sounds that have ended up here.

Artists’ Guide to District Six

The tour surveys the contemporary state of this historic area, touching on local politics and economy, gentrification, memory, creative activism and social trends that make up District Six of Today. The stories reviled through artworks that are publicly visible – murals, graffiti, wheatpaste and interventions. The artists who contributed their creativity to the streets of this area are a mix of fine artists and anonymous collectives.

Private Cape Town Foodie tour

Join us for a culinary journey through Cape Town, showcasing some of the best of South Africa’s artisanal producers and creative spaces. From cheesemakers to chocolatiers, charcuterie to craft beer breweries,  world renowned wines and traditional snacks. Let Cape Food & Wine Tours show you the reasons why Cape Town has become such an amazing culinary destination!