Artists’ Guide to District Six

Based on the belief that artists are the best story tellers, curator Valeria Geselev presents a guided tour through the Public Art of District Six, the most famous neighbourhood f Cape Town.

The tour surveys the contemporary state of this historic area, touching on local politics and economy, gentrification, memory, creative activism and social trends that make up District Six of Today. The stories reviled through artworks that are publicly visible – murals, graffiti, wheatpaste and interventions. The artists who contributed their creativity to the streets of this area are a mix of fine artists and anonymous collectives.


About the guide:

Valeria is a 34-year- old curator and writer with an exceptional Soviet-Israeli accent. She settled in Cape Town in 2013 to pursue her passion for socially-engaged art projects as means of social change. Since graduating UCT Honours in Curatorship, she is busy with art interventions, workshops, pop-up exhibitions in public spaces and publications. She collaborated with a wide range of local art education institutions and is currently the curator of the Gallery of the University of Stellenbosch. She is resident of District Six, a lover of jazz and truth.
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